Visualising the bright future


Some images from the recent exhibition at the Fukuoka Asian Art Museum “Visualising the bright future – Propaganda Pictures of New China” which displayed political posters from China. The posters were contrasted with some artwork of more recent artists (like Feng Mengbo, Xu Zhiwei and Ai Weiwei) which supplemented the permanent collection featuring e.g. Lin Tianmiao (please see below).


Artists and titles of the above images:

Feng Mengbo “Game over: RMB” (1993) Oil on Canvas
Xu Zhiwei “Artist Wang Guangyi” (1994)
Lin Tianmiao “Spawn 3#” (2001) Photograph/Installation, from the exhibition catalog:
“The photographs shows the artist herself just after she gave birth to her baby. The yarn represents eggs ovulated by a woman in her lifetime, and the social burden that binds women down to pregnancy, childbearing anf child rearing. The work raises gender issues while also symbolising life and sex, and it is deeply related to the artist’s personal experience.”

Ai Weiwei “Image of Mao Zedong” (1985) Silkscreen on Canvas

Visualising the bright future – Propaganda Pictures of New China:




Li Mubai “Loving the peace” (1958) Offset on paper



Li Mubai “Fishing” (1958) Offset on paper



Quan Zhenghuan “Work hard to be a five star member of the commune” (1965) Offset on paper


Wu Linsheng “Bumper harvest after bumber harvest, great leap forward after great leap forward” (1958) Offset on paper


Shen Jintian/ Zhang Biwu “The red flag flies above the workers harvesting the terraced fields” (1959) Offset on paper


Liu Bairong “With the sun in your heart there is nothing to fear, dare to contribute your youth to the people” (1969) Offset on paper


Unknown Artist “Redden your heart in the great open fields aspire to settle in the countryside” (1970) Offset on paper


Zeng Zhengmin “Bravo, the social courtyard (1974) Watercolor on paper


Xie Zhigung “Conferring order to Peng Dehuai” (1953) Watercolor on paper


Zhang Ruoyi “Struggle to achieve socialism” (1958) Offset on paper


Zhang Dejun “Immortal Achievement” (1994) Watercolor on paper


Zhang Dejun “Immortal Achievement” (details)


Wang Jianzi “Bright Future” (1964) Watercolor on paper

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