There are artistic techniques, which I don’t feel like practising myself, but which are important to know about, like e.g. the technique of Blaudruck. I went to a museum, where they displayed the technique, I may even buy a book about it.

Blaudruck is a traditional printing technique on fabrics which came from India to Germany in the 16th/17th century. It has been used e.g. for table-cloths or traditional women clothes. The blue color is indigo. The wooden-metallic models (i couldnt find the english expression) which are tiny nails on wood look as intricate as the print itself.


->somewhat related: pixelroller

->addition 170513: Pixelroller has a new website here and the above described workshop at the museum Domäne Dahlem has now an online shop and a website with more information on Blaudruck (see also comment below).

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  1. Eva-Maria Krüger Says:

    A wonderful site that you have created on our blue print(Blaudruck) in Dahlem.
    Can I link my site with this page?

    Greetings from Berlin-Dahlem

    Blaudruckerei Krüger
    Domäne Dahlem
    14195 Berlin
    Tel: 030 258 17 258
    Tel: 0176/97107945

  2. nad Says:

    Yes, sure. It’s great that you have now your own website.

    greetings Nadja

  3. Johnk902 Says:

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