László Moholy-Nagy


An update to other post about color (e.g.) An interesting process of additiv color mixing is the socalled Dufaycolor process, which was e.g. used by Bauhaus Professor László Moholy-Nagy (see below Dufay Color photograph). A very recommendable book about his photographic works is the book:

Colour in Transparency – Photographic Experiments in Color, Fotographische Experimente in Farbe 1934-1946, edited by Jeannine Fiedler and Hattula Moholy-Nagy for the Bauhaus Archiv in Berlin, Steidl Publishers Göttingen

Some low-res examples from the book for the purpose of suggesting to buy the book:

3 people walking with flashlights

Silhouettes of people behind Venetian blinds

Assembly (Vivex) process (a subtractive color mixing process), Study with pins and ribbons

Dufay Color photograph (Light filtering)

Sibyl Moholy-Nagy in red blouse, relaxing in
Lakeview appartment, Chicago

L.M-N. and Paul Hartland “Carnaval” (Composition with two masks)

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