hopefully f.wishent tree


The Java applet f.wish by boredom research (see also the interview on furtherfield)- is a graphical reinterpretation of the Lam Tsuen Wishing Trees on folly.

At f.wish you can hang your personal and public wishes (e.g. for next year) onto a tree and read those of others (see above).

f.wish has a nice spongy letter-from-spring-gravity simulation (with the partial use of the traer.physics library for processing). Sean Carroll of the physics blog cosmic variance was just discussing physics and in particular gravity in games like this (partially physically uncorrect) game but also a Ninja game and the book “physics of the buffyverse” (seems to be similar in intention to this book) were topics in his post.

Another gravity game has a possibility to change directions while flying but no walls and thus you may get lost in space easily. And there is a dial which shows you how far you are lost.

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  1. timh Says:

    There is another nice physics driven game:kumoon
    It is a first-person-puzzle-shooter-physics-game. (with scale-paper textured walls :-) )

  2. Fub Says:


  3. nad Says:


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