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Today the bauhaus Dessau celebrates its 80th birthday. It opened on Dec 4th 1926 as “Hochschule für Gestaltung” (before that the bauhaus resided from 1919 to 1925 in Weimar and afterwards 1932-1933 in Berlin and 1937-1938 in Chicago). The building was reconstructed over the last 10 years. The renovation is now almost finished, where an emphasis was placed on a changed color appearance of the Bauhaus.

In 2005 there was an exhibition about the wall-painting workshop of the Bauhaus at the Bauhaus Archiv in Berlin with a catalog. The catalog gives a quite good overview about Bauhaus colors and color compositions, respectively.

->images from the Bauhaus building in Dessau
->for a quick impression about the exhibition these two links-> 1,2

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