Jugendsinfonieorchester at Helle Mitte, credit

Randform Reader Uwe W. Herzog said

I really appreciate these efforts to bring the socalled “high culture” to the people. However classical music is a rather elitistic culture. That is classical music may eventually be a way to meet the cultural needs of a small upper class, but alone the statistics show: the broad population prefers pop music or Schlagers. It may however be interesting to lure the elite to Hellersdorf like in order to draw attention onto serious deficits in urban planning. Like I heard that Helle Mitte has difficulties in renting out all that shop area?

Yes there where quite some shops closing at Helle Mitte, as the Wikipedia article already lined out.

I am very sorry to have not listed the approximate program of the concert.
Don’t kill me if I am wrong – I think the program consisted approximately of eventually some melodies from Pirates of the Caribbean the first movement of Johann S. Bach double concerto for violin and oboe, a part from George Bizet’s Carmen and the cool final of the album Children of Sanchez by Chuck Mangione. Children of Sanchez is also the film music to a film with the same name which unravels a rather dramatic story.

So it was not all classical music in the strict sense. I didn’t have the feeling that there was much “elite” (whatever you mean by that :)) from downtown Berlin at the concert. I think it was mostly the local crowd, which was carefully listening:

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