Maxwell’s equations of human behaviour

on the attractivity of locations: refurbished buildings in Marzahn-Hellersdorf, among them the now newly renovated Rhin Towers

I have found Maxwell’s equations of human behaviour!

…I was of course joking! That is there are now two more subsections called “importance and control” and “polarization” in the section surplusses and exchange of the game article draft. They are somewhat quite experimental.
That is in them I set amongst others human importance in analogy to electrical charge and magnetism in analogy to attractivity of locations and explore how Maxwell’s macroscopic equations could translate in that context. The copy at Azimuth hasn’t been converted into the right layout form. I hope that I’ll find some time for that later.

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  1. Jih-Trap Pyoung Says:

    I find it interesting that you use the english word “towers” for a german building
    or does this word also exist also in german?

    What does Rhin? mean?
    Unfortunately my german is not so good. If I look at the link to the website of the Rhintowers then it says “altenfreundliches Wohnen” – is that old-age-friendly living? Hence this is a rest home where one caries for the elderly. Right?
    Isn’t OMI the german affectionate form of grandma? If you’d ask me – I’d rather call it omi-home, than Rhintowers.

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