samorost 2


I know: this link is not very fresh, but still it is worth a post. And it is indeed fresher than the link to its predecessor.
Both are Flash adventure games. The latter featuring an …um someone… inhabitant of an overcrowded planet facing an intergalactic crash. The former even an alien hijacking of a lovely dog…lots of creatures…
or: both are very poetic little treasures with a dreamlike setting and a very good meditative sound track.
Not your cup of tea, these themes? Well better decide for yourself what these games are about…
Created by the Czech studio Amanita Design the games are full of reminiscences to old eastern european illustrations and style. sweet.

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  1. nad Says:

    A little late… but I just found this link at with an interestinginterview with Jakub Dvorsky of Amanita Design.

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