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atomic resolution micrograph of multiple twinned nanocrystalline film of Si (C. Song) in the ncem gallery

This post is sort of a followup to e.g. this randform post as it covers the unseeable.

Sites full of resources for e.g. graphic designers are may be microscopy sites – especially in the SEM size. (Follow the links on the wikipedia site!)

However I am still looking for a microscopy blog in the sense of everybody’s all-time-favorite ““Astronomy picture of the day”.

I couldn’t find one so probably one has to keep digging for images through all universities websites. There you can find e.g. the above inspiratorial image in the small but nice ncem gallery of Iowa state University.

There is also a bit on flickr, which holds also this nice 3D Scanning microscope images.

However free or private images are usually without much scientific explanation -in contrast to the above mentioned “Astronomy picture of the day”, which provides always a little explanation to the image.
I hope that some day organisations like the dge will see a need for such a “picture-of-the-day-blog” -service to the public.

But of course there is not only SEM but also the good old light microscope. Nikon just held a microscopic image competition – the small world competition with marvelous images.

The new Scientist blog made an entry about it and they link rightly to their report about liquid crystals self assembly, which appeared in the Science mag.

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