please inform britain

Could please any of the british randform readers inform London airports
that their website about the current departures is unfortunately outdated.

I just called my sister who waited there for about five hours at the airport
(with small children…) that her flight had been cancelled.
She didn’t know.

2 Responses to “please inform britain”

  1. K.D. Fryman Says:

    There are a lot of people affected by the bad weather
    conditions, do you think this is worth a blog post?

  2. nad Says:

    It is fully understandable that flights have to be cancelled due
    to bad weather conditions however I didn’t understand, why the airport
    authorities were putting people still on hold, while the rest of Europe was already knowing for quite a while (through the Internet) that the flight had been cancelled. I found that quite insensetive.

    Moreover the above airport website (despite
    claiming to be updated) was handing out wrong informations and so I
    just wanted to let people know that there seems to be an information

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