Expeditions in aesthetics and sustainability


Until 10.10.10 the exhibition/workshop venue Examples to follow – Expiditions in aesthetics and sustainability takes place in Wedding.

Leopold Brötzmann of the site Lilli Green (and the design shop Lilli Green, please see below) organized there a workshop about design and social aspects. In the workshop the Design Studio Rugwind described their projects like the handseeder. The handseeder is a pistol which shoots seedballs into the soil in order to allow for faster plantation. They had also a kind of study about social catalysts, i.e. design objects which further social interaction (like multigeneration playgrounds etc.). Then there was a report about an artistic project where the magazin Beton&Garten was printed by the sustainable printing workshop Oktoberdruck on old Bundeswehr maps. This turned out to be quite difficult. The talks were followed by a workshop by Christopher Doering of open design city (see below image) on how to make lamp shades from starch-plastics.

Below some pictures from the Expeditions in aesthetics and sustainability.



The “infinity burial project” is an artistic investigation into processes which deal with the dead body, like for example by using mushrooms.

The most impressing project was though – in my view – the one by Cornelia Hesse-Honegger. Cornelia Hesse-Honegger collects since the Chernobyl disaster insects from regions which were subject to a nuclear accident and from the vicinity of nuclear power plants (see also randform blog post about nuclear energy. She documented all the disfigurations, by drawing them meticulously.


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