Lotte Reiniger


Inspired by chinese shadow plays and the works of Georges Méliès young …

Georges Méliès: Le Voyage dans la Lune (1902)

…Lotte Reiniger created in 1919 her first shadow animation film called “Das Ornament des verliebten Herzens” (ornament of the heart in love), which was very well perceived. It was the beginning of a rather long list of shadow animations. A little glimpse of her work can be seen in the virtual film museum in Düsseldorf .

Music was important in her films. For the film “Dr. Doolittle und seine Tiere” (1928) the composers Paul Dessau, Kurt Weill und Paul Hindemith collaborated with her. She was allowed to use a part of the Pulcinella-Suite of Igor Fjodorowitsch Strawinski and Benjamin Britten was writing the film music for “The Tocher” (1936).

She influenced the works of Evelyn Lambart and also of Norman McLaren, who also used paper cut outs like in their film “Rythmetic” (1956) and for whom music was also an integral part of their films.

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