visual poetry – Ana Maria Uribe and Jim Andrews

Animation “Gym 3” by Ana Maria Uribe 1998

The argentinian artist Ana Maria Uribe (1944-2004) started out in the 1960’s with creating typoemas — static black-on-white visual compositions rendered using a standard typewriter (a Lettera 22 with a the Pica font). She was inspired by e.g. works of Morgenstern and the brazilian concretes (which I do not know). In the eighties she began to include animation into her poetry, which led to her anipoemas. She finally published some of her works also on the internet. I like these works on the net very much but I do not want to comment on them – they speak quite for themselves.

Her website is mirrored at the site of Jim Andrews (her original page has a lot of advertisements since it is hosted by tripod). Jim did also an overview page with more information on her.

Jim Andrews is an artist who also works with visual poetry, explore his site!. My definite favorite is the artistic game arteroids from 2003 – a shockwave game which is a poetic reinterpretation of the Atari arcade game asteroids from 1979.

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