La done butterfly


The above image displays a visualization of the socalled blancmange curve at various iteration steps and with a slightly randomized sawtooth function. The blancmange curve -not to confuse with the blancmange pudding– is -like e.g. also the devils staircase a socalled pathological function, i.e. a function which displays a counterintuitive behaviour. In order to obtain the blancmangecurve one sums up little sawteet h which get smaller and smaller. However also if the sawteeth are getting in the end infinitely small this particular curve will never be smooth.

mathematical subleties after the more

thanks for being interested in mathematical subtleties. I was just joking. The above image is a detail of the below first butterfly image set into a high contrast mode with gimp and rotated by 90 degrees.

The butterfly looked quite dead.


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