Abandon or not?


For some strange reason I thought that the above dried fruits, which I bought recently on a market in France were of some special seldom kind. I imagined them to be maybe suitable as part of a winter decoration and bought them despite the relatively high price. For keeping them fresh I left them outside for quite a couple of days. However I was happy that I didn’t them put them right away onto the winter decoration….they turned out to be fully plastic!!! (see the brown lacquer peeling off and the white plastic showing through).

What world is this which produces plastic dried fruits? I see some sense in artificial flowers, since real flowers are hard to keep fresh, but artificial dried fruits?

In Germany it is a custom that presents are sort of something to be kept sacred, i.e. if aunt soandso gives you a present -also if this is an ultra-ugly pricket- then you are not allowed to give it away. It is somewhat a nice custom, but on the other hand it means that you need a big cellar where you can store all these unwanted items (and be prepared if the aunt asks for them). After some amount of time you can pretend that everybody forgot about them and abandon them then. It is a somewhat complicated mechanism, but I prefer this over dumping things right away. It displays that at least a certain kind of concern is present.

Maybe this is a mentality thing. There are people who throw away things already if they are a bit of out of order or simply don’t work the way they expected them to work. Especially these people should at least think a minute about how to recycle them.

I have the tendency to keep things (sometimes rather for too long) and I prefer to repair them whenever possible or to put them into another function. (For that reason I do not shop that often and I do prefer presents which are biodegradable, like movietickets, real flowers etc.) So I am not sure of what to do with the above plastic deco? – It seems to be unrecycable and it has a truly fascinating plastic chic.

Should I keep it as a confused-perception-memorial together with the below beautiful real dry fruits, which I found in the mud and which will rot all by themselves?

photo contact info: Nadja Kutz

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