ded maros


While looking for the classic russian winter animation ded maros i lyeto (santa claus and the summer) from 1969 by soyusmultfilm I stumbled on youtube over this jewel for all lovers of ascii animation made at the “department of educational and scientific fotography and cinematography” at the Lomonossov university (N. Konstantinov, V. Minakhin, V. Ponomarenko, A. Skuridin, V. Shurkin). In the comment section it was said that the animation is from 1967, which I unfortunately couldn’t verify.

However it would be interesting to know more about this group of scientific visualization and this production as it could rewrite the history of ascii art, which – according to wikipedia – seems to start with a work by Kenneth Knowlton and the group at Bell Labs developing ascii art around 1966 (wikipedia reference). So whitzch group was first – Bell labs or Lomonossov university? Or did they work together?

Anyways here are the winter videos, also if you do not party christmas but e.g. hanukka, beiram or whatever or nothing, they are a charming comment on winter time.

->ded maros i lyeta part I on youtube
->ded maros i lyeta part II on youtube

-> an almost forgotten asciimation on randform

Best wishes for nice holidays form randform!

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