in memoriam György Ligeti

(image from Uni Münster)

today György Ligeti died.
an exceptional composer, pioneering micropolyphony, fluid in many languages, and unasked filmscore writer

some samples from his work can be found here (audio) and here (score). However, the sound examples can give only a faint idea of the experience a live performance of his work can be.

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  1. randform » Blog Archive » tenso days Says:

    […] Yesterdays concert was given by the chamber choir of the latvian radio choir featuring this program, which included Ligeti’s great Lux Aeterna (also used in 2001 – A space odyssey) and many other partially very, very nice contemporary works. And having sung in various choirs myself I can only say that this choir was absolutely brilliant and so no wonder that the hall was full – despite the parallel ongoing Jazz festival featuring Jon Hassel at that evening. […]

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