Death Star sighted near earth – Lichtberlin


The above picture clearly shows, that Han Solo exagerated, when he first took the Death Star for a moon. He overestimated its size by a factor of roughly 106 (since we can estimate the halfaxis to be about 30cm only). Here is an independent estimate of the space station’s fire power, which seems to be impressive none the less.

Identity Sphere by Helga Griffiths

My 1 hour cycling route to work runs through a fraction of the Tiergarten park in the center of Berlin and at the moment there is an exhibition trail installed called “Lichtberlin Parcours Tiergarten“. It has many (illuminated) installations at display. I should say that besides my first association with the abovementioned space station, I like the illuminated orb visually. Why it is called “identity sphere” remains a mystery to me, though.

Regenbogen by Waltraud Cooper

The installations are of course best viewed at night. The picture gallery of the projects website is still under construction, but one can view the concepts of the installations.

Japanischer Wolkengarten by Kyoko Kurihara

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