off to Hyde Park

Yesterday I felt like going to Hyde Park.

I actually already felt like going to Hyde park the moment I heard about the coneshaped pavilion of Olafur Eliasson and Kjetil Thorsen. However another reason for my wish to go to Hyde Park was an uncomfort feeling of being permanently watched by inner city cctv cams, whose density seemed to have grown exponentially since I had been here last time. Whatsoever there are probably also cctv cams in hyde park-seems i just didnt spot them behind the trees.

The pavilion is cut on top so that there’s light pouring through an ellipse at the ceiling into the inside (more on conic sections in this old randform post). The upper structure is resting on one half of the circumfence and probably just the spiral ramp around it, so that the whole pavilion looks scary, but in the same time open and fragile.

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  1. Westside Story Says:

    You didn’t say how you liked the Pavillion. It looks as if even comfortable small talk was possible (is this a cafe in the background?) – this is not always the case for Serpentine Gallery Pavillions. What I don’t get is why there are all those twisted strings attached.

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