open House London


It is fun to sit here in London SE with my sister and discuss and learn about architecture, like e.g. about an interesting project called openhouse.

from the introduction in the above booklet:

“Open house is a unique independent platform providing a vital opportunity for everone to unpack what makes good places to live, work, play and learn. With a well established basis of expertise and research and the support of amazing volunteers, we have led the way with pioneering campaigns and programmes in which thousands of people take an active part. Open house London is our annual call to Londoners of all kinds to join our debate. (Hon Friba, Founding director)”

What I found especially noteworthy of this years open house “Architecture in the Flesh” are the green built houses, like the urban eco-village BedZed and the Parity Project Eco Renovation House. I won’t look at the houses myself, since I will have left London already at the given time, but maybe someone else will blog about it.

2 Responses to “open House London”

  1. spoon Says:

    the drinks behind the brochure are not bad either :-)

  2. nad Says:

    Yes, I think those were gifts.

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