The Elbe Cycle Route



Since I keep reporting from our bike trip, I thought it may be useful to report about the route itself.

We had been taken the socalled Elbe Cycle Route – a bike and inline skater trail which is leading from Prague to Cuxhaven. It is most of the time adjacent to the river Elbe und thus parts of it are in danger of being flooded. However flood damages get fastly repaired, since the trail had become a major tourist attraction, which spurs the economy in the little villages which are close to it. The trail is partially very comfortable, i.e. there are even sometimes fruit trees along the trail supplying bikers with pears and apples and here (heading west shortly before Meissen) we found even this funny fountain (see above).

Here comes our exact route (at least the part from Dresden to Meissen) and since google maps gives only a car route (indeed not very handy especially for Bejing as I imagine, where they have broad bike lanes) – it makes sense to switch to a bikemap (under construction as it seems). There is actually a quite nice bikeplaner for Berlin, but one has to say at this place that – although there had been done a lot in the past – Berlins bike routes are usually not as easygoing as the Elbe Cycle Route. In particular they are dangerous enough that you wouldn´t like to send your kids alone onto a longer trip, like e.g. to school.


4 Responses to “The Elbe Cycle Route”

  1. Edawrd Parkinson Says:

    I am considering going on this route in May, are the camp sites open at this time and what are the best maps to cover the route

  2. nad Says:

    i dont know wether the camp sites are open at this time.
    we stayed at hostels and little pensions.
    sorry i also dont know which map is best for the route, the route itself is actually rather easy to find without a map, as there are usually signs telling you where it is.

  3. Bronwen Says:

    We are intending cycling in the route from prague to cuxhaven in early July will we need to book ahead for accommodation?

  4. nad Says:

    There are already school summer vacations in July in some countries so it is recommended to book at least towards the end of July.

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