Torgau-made in leipzig

schlossschild450hoch.JPG More from our bike trip from Dresden to Dessau:

In Schloss Hartenfels in the town Torgau there is currently a quite comprehensive exhibition about the “leipzig school” organised by the Kulturstiftung Leipzig. The exhibition is called made in Leipzig and hosts apart from the “first generation” painters like Wolfgang Mattheuer, Bernhard Heisig und Werner Tübke or the “second generation” artists, like Uwe Kowski, Rosa Loy, Ulf Puder, Neo Rauch, e.g. the Photographers Matthias Hoch, Evelyn Richter, Erasmus Schröter, and Ricarda Roggan also the “third generation”:


Here a little nonrepresentative excerpt of the exhibition, if I find the time I may blog some more images at another time:

Anette Schröter Sieger der Geschichte 3 2007 Papierschnitt

Sighard Gille Nudeltisch 1996 Oel auf Leinwand

Uwe Kowski Oel auf Leinwand 2005

Tobias Lehner Ohne Titel 2003/2004 Acryl auf Leinwand

Matthias Hoch Amsterdam C-Print 2002

Tim Eitel Feuer 2005 Oel auf Leinwand (+Details)

Tim Eitel Sailor Moon/Chibi Oel auf Leinwand 2001

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