NMI 07 – part IV


The game controller is used to tilt the labyrinth

It is vacation time in Berlin, so there is less blogging at the moment. Here just a short post about an application developped at the Institute for Informatics in Potsdam at the seminar for nonlinear media which was shown on the NMI 07.

The application is a virtual marble game reminding of the game “Labyrinth” of the company Brio. The marble in the game is subject to gravitational forces and can be guided through a kind of vertical labyrinth which is composed of various platforms. The orientation and the position of the labyrinth with respect to the gravitational force can be controlled via the Wii game controller (image to the right). So e.g. if the platform in the image above is tilted then the sphere would roll towards the border of the platform. The game is over if the sphere dropps from the platform, which can be done e.g. by tilting the labyrinth too much since this would impose too much acceleration to the sphere.

->A related project of the University of Bremen Studiengang “Systems Engineering” steering the real Brio Labyrith game via servo motors: Ansteuerung des Geschicklichkeitsspiels „Brio Labyrinth“ mittels zweier Servomotoren und Erfassung des Spielfeldes mittels einer Kamera

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