designmai-part III




A LED’s thing by future factories

As was visible already in the last designmai post the return of baroque and rococo seems to be a still prevailently creeping trend.
(a rococo recommendation on the side: if you go to munich you may want to visit the beautiful church of the brothers Asam )

In the designmai exhibition futurefactories likewise pushed this tendency forward by displaying amply decorated baroquian Ghost chairs by Philipp Starck which were set together in an ensemble with an all-color-LED illumination giving the whole an additional eighties visual key touch and thus invoked a rather strong visual contrast to the rest of the exhibition.

In order to provide the above described (late) baroque retrotrend in architecture and design with a more systematic treatment there exists now a research project called rokokorelevanz which is an initiative by Luc Merx, who in particular created the below lamp “fall of the damned” which was also displayed at designmai (see images). citation from the gagat brochure within the description of the lamp:

The association with the fall of the damned, a metaphor for guilt and punishment gives the lamp a certain amount of ambivalence: is it a moralistic message, an act of formalism or both?

The lamp displays figures in free fall, so among others gravity seems to play a role in the work.

However stepping back and looking at the lamp I found that the forces of gravity weren’t satisfyingly respected – in other words: the figures look a bit too rigid. So this may be a crazy idea and I don’t know at what temperatures the material is meltable, but hanging the lamp shortly in an oven (a stronger bulb inside could have a similar effect?) could improve the overall picture. On the other hand this could destroy the impression which is given by the formalized grouping of the figures.

Remark: the extension .mgx (in the below title) indicates that the lamp is also (partially) available in a data file.

formalized groupping: How should one treat gravity?

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