water on the rocks

This is a belated easter post in which the making of an eastereggsearchtart will be under display.

This post is dedicated to all housekeepers. The easter egg hunt on eastern holiday made me think about the distinguishability of objects. So I made an ice tart, where the visible eggs are embedded into the tart as ice eggs made from colored water. Since the ice eggs concatenate with their icy surroundings (“their background”) you can somehow see them blurryly but you can’t extrude them neither by carving, etching with e.g. hot water nor just by melting. I chose to colour the eggs in claret-red and orange-red, the claret-red came from a fruit juice and dissolved rather quickly (see below pictures) the rather shouting red color was from a water color. I chose red because red has a very good visibility, so it is used e.g. in traffic signs where among others it indicates the boundary of the sign.

prozess1.JPGprozess2.JPGprozess3.JPGprocess4.JPG prozess5-450.JPG

In the above images I filled the balloons first with colored water and then added tabwater in order to get a higher pressure, which was quite messy..:). Then I put the balloons and the cake tin, which was partially filled with water into the freezer. After freezing, the ice eggs where taken out of the balloons (see image) and put into the tin. Due to the lower density of ice versus liquid water, I filled the tin with the eggs only with little water and put again everything in the freezer. After this the rest of the tin was filled with water and put again into the freezer.

This is not an imaginary screenshot of the large hadron collider. which may potentially create artificial black holes…:)

Checking wether the colored and the noncolored ice concatenated:


strange coffeetable:

The last days saw very hot summer temperatures in Berlin so the cake melted within a few hours.

The cake taking on a different shape:

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