Elegantes 3D Stadtmodell Berlin

Berlin Potsdamer Platz

If it comes to 3D in google earth most cities are still more or less little grey bricks. Berlin however has lately provided a quite detailed view of itself. The software based on the LandXplorer technology was developped by the Potsdam Company 3D Geo GmBH together with the Hasso-Plattner Institute. It was produced by Berlin Partner GmBH and works with the newest version of google earth together with a link to www.3d-stadtmodell-berlin.de.

via Berliner Zeitung

3 Responses to “Elegantes 3D Stadtmodell Berlin”

  1. skih├╝ttler Says:

    quite high different froms streetview

  2. torti auf dem orti Says:

    dit is leipzieger platzt.


    Interesting to see what was interesting in 2007!

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