Oxford 2010

Some recycled pictures from Oxford, England where I was on a conference last year. Since I had not much time and only my little camera with me, they are a bit random and fuzzy. However they still give some impressions so I decided to post them here.

The image of the women’s room in the youth hostel (see below) may look more uncomfortable than it actually was. That is luckily all the six women in the room were attending the conference and all of them were very considerate people that is the partying teenager stayed out of the room and thus we all had more or less rather quiet nights.


IMG_8029.JPG IMG_7979.JPGIMG_8429.JPG IMG_8026.JPG IMG_8125.JPG IMG_7982.JPGIMG_8426.JPG IMG_7980.JPGIMG_8351.JPG IMG_8321.JPG


IMG_8266.JPG IMG_8347.JPG IMG_8419.JPG IMG_8409.JPGIMG_8297.JPG IMG_8431.JPG IMG_8306.JPG IMG_8424.JPGIMG_8420.JPG



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