some math propaganda

illustration: V. Levinson from the book “Fregattenkapitän Eins” (translation of Fregat Kapitana Edinytzyi by Vladimir Ljowschin), Raduga Verlag Moskau 1989 und Detskaja Literatura Moskau 1968

There are some interesting upcoming mathematical talks here in Berlin. One is by Marcus du Sautoy (if the volcano permits), who is one of the british guru’s for the public understanding of math (see also this randform post). Among others he was invited by Günther Ziegler, winner of the communicatore prize and many other prizes. The other talk will be by Wendelin Werner (see also this randfrom post) at the theatre of castle Sanssouci. Unfortunately I can’t attend Wendelin Werners lecture because (if the volcano permits) I am going to be in Oxford at a spring school and workshop. After that I’ll be in Goettingen for a workshop.
I do not intend to blog in Oxford (I doubt that the youth hostels have internet) and probably also not in Goettingen, so stay tuned.

Some more images from the book “Fregattenkapitä Eins” and its beautiful illustrations after the click.






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  1. herritage Says:

    If you like soviet school books then there is twitter account “soviet visuals”:

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