Whereto would you like to drag the vertical object?

The idea to the above applet was formed by thinking about salience and 3D user interfaces in conjunction with two coils (a sort of 3D Moiré ).

(Closing the lose ends to two coils and sending an electrical current through one of the coils enables in principle inductance. However, observe that in this perpendicular arrangement of the two coils this gives only a very faint current in the second coil. For a stronger current the coils need to be aligned.)

4 Responses to “wirepullers”

  1. doodle Says:

    why isnt the above applet on your http://www.daytar.de/art site?
    and why dont you put your media art into a media art archive like e.g. into the media art base at http://www.rhizome.org? are you afraid that someone might critizise your work as bad art?

  2. nad Says:


    oops, I didnt want to leave the impression that I was trying to blacklist myself! i guess i regard this whole blog a bit as a art project in a very free sense, so in particular i thought i may choose not to include some artwork (like the above) on the media art site.

    i am not afraid that people could critizise my work. critisism may be sometimes very unpleasant, especially when it concerns art, because most often an art piece is a very personal thing and so people tend to feel critisized as a person, but i think it is important that art gets critizised and people should try to understand the critisism in order to improve.

    i actually submitted some of the artworks on the daytar/art page to the Rhizome art base but i was told that my work wasnt complying with Rhizome standards. Unfortunately they didnt tell me why – so this was not so helpful with respect to an improvement of our work. However i accepted their decision, moreover i am still a member at Rhizome – that is i even support them with money!

    does this make sense to you? ? my explanation may be not clear enough since i am currently a bit shaken – a car just exploded some minutes ago in front of my house. scary !



  3. doodle Says:

    A BOMB ?!??!?!? was this explosion a car bomb? did you hear the explosion?

    I didn’t know that Rhizome was filtering for quality. I thought the art base was just a repository for media art. But well you are a mathematician – I guess they notice if your mind is full with numbercrunchings on blackboards!

  4. nad Says:

    dont know what caused the explosion, given the faint media echo it was probably just a fox which was causing a short circuit or which wanted to eat a gasoline supply, like it probably happened in this case. i was passing by shortly before the explosion thats why i was a bit shocked.

    i will try to adress the “numbercrunchings on blackboards” comment in an upcoming blog entry. i am currently still too busy, please stay tuned.

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