shadow of the earth – shadow of the moon


While we all await the total lunar eclipse (here in europe at least), astronomy picture of the day has a solar eclipse video from STEREO B, one of the two solar examination space observatories (guess how the other is called!).

For all of us who can expect to have a cloudy sky tonight (the moon will enter the deepest shadow about 22:30 MEZ) I made a look-alike illustration of what to expect: scattered light from earth will dye the moon red.

2 Responses to “shadow of the earth – shadow of the moon”

  1. aufmischkagrischka ustspensky Says:

    Isn’t an eclipse not also an IDE ?

  2. nad Says:

    There is an IDE called eclipse, but I wouldn’t read too much into that naming. Since according to eweek(via wikipedia):

    It turned out Sun wasnt the target of the Eclipse moniker, though. In his keynote at the EclipseCon 2005 conference in March, Lee Nackman, chief technology officer and vice president of Design, Construction, and Test Tools at IBMs Rational Software division, said Microsoft Corp. was actually the company IBM wanted to “eclipse” and was the true object of IBMs attention.

    “Our target was Microsoft,” Nackman said. “Microsoft was clearly the market leader and was on a path to become the dominant tools platform. It was clear thered be competition for developers…

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