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I am currently spending too much time with trying to get informations about
german tax laws. If you speak german you can read the discussions at, which sofar ended up with me writing an Income-tax calculator for 2012 (see image), which you can use at without any guarantee of wether the calculations are correct.

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  1. arrivedevil Says:

    is this fun to study tax laws? I mean do you do this for yourself? Can’t you afford a tax consultant?

  2. nad Says:

    arrivedevil asked:

    is this fun to study tax laws? I mean do you do this for yourself? Can’t you afford a tax consultant?

    Frankly speaking it is not much fun. I haven’t yet found the reason why people would voluntarily (?) choose the profession of a tax lawyer. But may be this changes if I know more about the subject. We actually had a tax consultant in the last years. In particular we had to do tax declarations involving the US, Japan and various jobs in Germany, so this is rather complicated and it would take us quite a while to figure out all that things which have to be considered within such declarations. Even with the help of a tax consultant (and actually also with the great help of some people at the university faculty/administrations)- the declarations were quite some amount of work. We had the feeling that it would be more useful to spend our time and workpower on other things. But given the fact that my attempts to generate an income were yet not very successful and given the fact that tax consultants are very expensive – especially with respect to my income, I am now at least thinking about wether I couldnt at least generate some kind of income by saving the money for a tax consultant.

    But apart from that private considerations I think tax laws have quite a political and social component, in particular I currently also try to gather information about Greek tax laws, who seem to use step formulas, which I can’t really believe
    (see e.g. the draft at

    Regarding the above german tax laws I also try to find out more about the newest tax plans of my government, but as you can see in the discussions (if you speak german) this is not so easy. I currently think about contacting Mr. Andre Liebig from Niederwürschnitz, who is responsible of the website which appears on a first glance to be quite wellinformed.

  3. nad Says:

    I have just sent an email to Mr. Liebig

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