A digital agenda for Europe

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This is in part a little follow-up post to the last one concerning the WCIT conference.

Anyone who is interested in Europe’s plans on telecommunications may want to read the document “A Digital agenda for Europe”. The Digital agenda for Europe is one of the 7 flagships of the Europe 2020 growth strategy where

Europe has identified new engines to boost growth and jobs. These areas are addressed by 7 flagship initiatives.

The link for the “Digital agenda for Europe” is currently broken, but you can recover it by going on the flagship innovation union then click on I3S button on left side. I3S, the Innovation Union Information and Intelligence System (which is the “European Commission platform for all Innovation Union stakeholders”), has a repository for key documents (klick on upper bar button “key documents”) where you find Key Documents – Europe 2020, 7 Flagship Initiatives then klick on “Digital Agenda for Europe” and then on “Setting the Scene” and then you can click directly on the “Digital Agenda for Europe” button.

One part of the Digital Agenda was (p.9):

Enhancing the governance, transparency and pan European licensing for (online) rights management by proposing a framework Directive on
collective rights management by 2010;

which was released last July. Since we are currently interested in what happens with the Gema*, I was interested in the framework Directive and found it then finally via search engine and via the blog IPkat. The EUObserver cites on the issues of the European framework Directive:

“European collecting societies must come up with a more economical and flexible alternative system of collective rights management if they want to survive,” says former head of the department of competition in the European Commission, John Temple Lang.

What are the Gema’s plans/opinions are with respect to european collective rights management? Does someone know? And what think the members of platforms like bandcamp about this?

*Tim is currently actually rather annoyed about them.

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