trolley ease

Mats – Tim’s nephew who mainly grew up in Stockholm had visited us for a week. Mats has recently started to study IT technolgies in Sweden. He and Tim were thus interested in exploring the marvelous Blender software. Tim watches closely Blender’s open movie project “Tears of steel”, which looks like a lot of fun. The clip “trolley ease” – (or in german: “wie wird man einen Kofer los?”) is a result of Mats’ visit to Berlin. It is partially inspired by Tim’s commuting adventures.

youtube link: trolley ease

3 Responses to “trolley ease”

  1. Futurologist Says:

    Your husband seems to work now on the moon!
    But it is nice that you forward him his luggage :)

  2. czecker 70 Says:

    I think as a physicist you should point out that this is fake physics. If you pump up a ballon with air then it won’t fly but only if you insert a gas which is less dense than air. Moreover in outer space outside of the Atmossphere of earth there is hard vaccuum.

  3. warte nur ein Weilchen.... Says:


    why don’t you know – this is a Valkyrie from Hrafnsmál sending a raven to a black hole ;)

    By the way Hrafnsmál is part of the new episode from the Assassin’s Creed series.

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