Bublava and Klingenthal

Since its hot in the northern hemisphere here some vacation images from the last winter shot in the mountains at the border between Germany and the Czech Republic. You can see parts of the towns of Klingenthal and Bublava. I also found there also some old games from east german times.

IMG_0727.JPG IMG_0703.JPGIMG_0711.JPGIMG_0719.JPGIMG_0657.JPGIMG_0640.JPG IMG_0722.JPG IMG_0536.JPGIMG_0535.JPGIMG_0531.JPGIMG_0539.JPGIMG_0591.JPGIMG_0586.JPGIMG_0725.JPGIMG_0726.JPGIMG_0594.JPGIMG_0557.JPGIMG_0631.JPGIMG_0595.JPGIMG_0619.JPGIMG_0580.JPGIMG_0544.JPGIMG_0616.JPGIMG_0618.JPGIMG_0638.JPGIMG_0733.JPGIMG_0654.JPG

One Response to “Bublava and Klingenthal”

  1. fisima Says:

    Ah those czek snow crystals!

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