piano music sharing site

A short link to a swedish site which is a sharing site for piano music. On this site people can submit their own piano recordings. Likewise the submitted piano music can be downloaded for free. There are no copyright problems if the composer had been dead for over 70 years or consented to the publication.

The people who initiated the site are checking the quality of the music, which is good for the technical part. However I am not so sure about wether this should be extended to the interpretive part:

Personal interpretation does not generally have any direct bearing on the decisions concerning admission of a particular recording. Nonetheless, interpretations that are particularly unoriginal, uninteresting, or eccentric, can be rejected, even when the technical level of the performance is found to be adequate according to what has been said above. This can be the case especially when dealing with works that already exist on the site in many versions.

May be one should rather think about a public ranking concerning the different interpretations, rather then to filter. But of course if applied mildly then the filtering may be OK.

It is also not clear to me, how the filtering should work for rather unknown music, like new compositions.

The author should leave his/her name, which I guess could also be a pseudonym…since it is clear that pianists with publishers will probably run into problems if they openly send some of their music to such a forum.

But this however seems to be the one of the most interesting applications for the site: music from very good players, which is not conform to the mainstream or too new and thus wouldn’t find a publisher.

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