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This is sort of a follow up post to the post about the interview with Ralph Baer (soon to be put on the net by Andreas Lange) and a hanger for hiding that this post is a real gadget post:-).
Among others in this interview Ralph Baer talks about the Simon game which he also invented (like how he had chosen the tunes is rather funny to hear). The Simon game can be played also online . Or you built your own electronic one with e.g. the kit from Make. Make is also bringing out a Controller kit in august, programmable in Java and the processing library. Other famous controllers (at least in the Media art community :)) are of course the Arduinio board and the older community project AID, which is a bit struggling. A more advanced board is the one of the german computer zine c’t, which is rather a whole bot than just a board with a few sensors. If you are too lazy to solder yourself or need a starter then there is also a robust little bot from the bavarian company qfix (programmable in c++). If you speak german than a canonical forum to use is the DIY-robot forum roboternetz . OK thats enough from the geek today.

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  1. masteroftheuniverse Says:

    nad wrote:”….and the older community project AID, which is a bit struggling.”

    …by looking at their website – it rather looks that AID is finished!

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