Glamourfactor 1000: Annette Dasch’s Salon


The media over here didnt like the fact that the Oscar Academy Awards organizers tried to hide the glamour before the show. Well I dont know how much glamour there is in LA, but on randform there is today!

We usually try to avoid promotions on this blog, however there are exceptions! Annette Dasch – a former school mate from Tim (they actually went together to China with their school orchester) is a new great talented soprano singer, some call her Berlin’s Anna Netrebko. Berliners may also know her from Annettes DaschSalon. She was recently here in munich for promoting her new CD. She even performed some songs together with pianist Martin Stadtfeld, who was also promoting. Here some images from the event in a munich store, which was quite funny.

Annette Dasch waiting for the performance.

Martin Stadtfeld notices that the music stand is missing. Some mean voices mumble that Karl Lagerfeld, who designed the grandpiano may be have had forgotten about it. Of course he hadn’t, so after some telefon calls workers bring in the stand and the show can start.

Annette Dasch and Martin Stadtfeld performing.


Unfortunately the performance gets interrupted again due to a telefon ring on the wall. Someone is asking for a shop assistant. Annette took it with humour.


Luckily Annette is not as thin as the below model – there may be a correlation between beautiful strong voices and body shape. The skinny model is sitting at a newly designed grand piano by Karl Lagerfeld.


Some images from the grand piano:





After the performance Tim gets his CD signed:


Surviving as a classical musician is tough. Annette Dasch and Martin Stadtfeld have currently the luck to be promoted by a big record company, the young musician below, which was performing not far from the location on the street, seemingly not:


-> randform post about music education

6 Responses to “Glamourfactor 1000: Annette Dasch’s Salon”

  1. Susi G. Says:

    >>”Luckily Annette is not as thin as the below model – there may be a correlation between beautiful strong voices and body shape.”

    Do you wanna claim that skinny woman can’t sing?!!!

    It’s kinda easy to sing in a department store, isn’t it?
    By the way was this really a department store? Looks more like a music shop!

  2. nad Says:

    >>”Do you wanna claim that skinny woman can’t sing?!!!”

    Oh no! There are skinny woman with beautiful voices. A not so strong voice may also be beautiful. I wrote this mainly because all the opera singers I can think of are usually not so skinny and in particular not so skinny as the model on the image.

    The shop is really a department store. It is in the center of munich at the Marienplatz.
    It is called Ludwig Beck am Rathauseck.

  3. MyNameIsRequired Says:

    Ein bisschen Kultur-Recylcing,
    gemischt mit als Gespräch getarnter PR,
    inklusive Herabstufung des Publikums auf das
    geistige Niveau von Vorschulkindern gefällig?

    Dann ist “Daschsalon” das richtige Programm für Sie!

  4. nad Says:

    Translation of MyNameIsRequired without guarantee:

    Do you want a little bit of Culture Recycling [Anmerkung der Sätzerin: das sollte wohl Kultur-Recycling heissen] mixed with PR disguised as conversation, which includes the demotion of the audience down to the intellectual level of kindergarten?

    Then “Daschsalon” is just right for you!

    Since you read this blog, I assume that I can reply in english:
    I never attended Annettes Waschsalon, so I can’t say anything about the
    Waschsalon. However if you want to change the -what seems to you miserable-
    situation then it may be helpful to give concrete examples,
    she may classify the “intellectual level” of something differently than you.
    Like there are very difficult questions which appear already in Kindergarten,
    such as for example the question: Why are we where we are?

  5. nad Says:

    by intuitonistic logic the answer to the question: “Why are we where we are?” is : n:o

  6. fuselick redner Says:


    the whole blog post is questionable –


    – see the french table water, the champagne ad, the grandpiano company promotion, isn’t there an “Influencer-Gesetz” in Germany, whereby you have to mark promotion?

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