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Some images from our flight from Tokyo to Frankfurt.

The inside of an airport – or even more – an airplane is an interesting microcosm. In the below images I tried to capture this atmosphere a bit.

The airport images are from Tokyo, where I was happy to find english magazines and newspapers (which are actually not that easy to find in Fukuoka).

The rest images are from the flight from Tokyo to Frankfurt.

The inflight movie I decided to watch was a film called “Hancock” – its a wild hollywood comedy about a LA superhero called “Hancock” who has supernatural powers (played by Will Smith) -> (trailer)

(for those who are interested here is the story: Hancock discovers that the wife Mary of someone who tries to civilize him has also supernatural powers (played by blond Charlize Theron). Due to an amnesia he had forgotten where he got his power from but she tells him that they actually have lived for 3,000 years with their powers, having been called gods and angels in their time and that they are the last of their kind and that their kind are paired. In particular their power is only working if they are separated, otherwise they would get weak, mortal and spend the rest of their lives with gardening. Even worse Mary gets shot, so in order to save her life and give back her powers Hancock has to part from her immediately and become a superhero in New York and help save the world.)

Yep very hollywood-esk movie however its not that bad or may be I was lured into this judgement due to the gorgeous handsome main actors..:). Would be interesting to watch Will Smith in a more serious psychologically intriguing movie.

So here the images from the inside of an airport/airplane:


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