Doctorow in the mudd club

Holm Friebe, an unknown riesenmaschinist, Cory Doctorow and Martin Baaske alltogether in the mudd club

This is a left over post from Berlin, where Cory Doctorow from the blog “Boing Boing” was reading from his science fiction novels in a location called “mudd club”. The blog Boing Boing is a blog which distributes all sorts of news which range from controversial, over political, to informative and sometimes absurd. Besides reading from his funny novels Cory Doctorow spoke about how one can offer free downloads of books and how people would still buy the corresponding paper books (which are one major income source for Cory Doctorow). I found this rather innovative financing approach interesting. Also people from the blog Riesenmaschine (like the above Holm Friebe and Martin Baaske) are using this distribution form. Unfortunately I couldn’t talk much to either of the presenters, but at the end of the reading questions from the audience were accepted and so I asked Cory Doctorow, what he is going to do if – with the advance of e-paper -, e-books will get more popular. If I understood correctly his answer was that in principle he tries to be inline with the demand of e-paper/books or in other words: he still thinks that e-books will not get too popular too fast and so there will still be time enough to adapt to the situation of paper books becoming unpopular. However he may have exagerated a bit, since some newer posts of him deal with right that question.

The mudd club is in Berlins center in the back yard of the Kabbalah center (by the way how much real math is in the Kabbalah?):

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