Happy New ear

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Fireworks may be great fun, if they are composed in an artistic way. And may be the fascination about fireworks is connected to the human dream to control fire. However especially with fireworks we know that this can go terribly wrong.

Unfortunately in particular in Berlin the use of fireworks during New years eve is no fun at all.

Besides the unbelievable accumulation of dangerous fine dust (via stop-fireworks.org) it became even necessary to deploy socalled “goodwill ambassadors against fireworks” (tagesspiegel: Botschafter gegen Böller) in order to appease youngsters. Moreover besides this and besides all the terrible new years injuries an incredible amount of money is just blasted into air (not to speak of the produced CO2).

And the price is even higher: according to china daily since Oct 21 until the End of this November (a good month!) “China has reported 86 deaths in 12 serious firecracker related accidents“, where “China accounts for about 75 percent of the world’s total annual firecracker production.” (even India seems to outsource firework production to china)

Luckily meanwhile even Chinese officials found it now necessary to enforce New rules to strengthen work safety.

So please think twice when you are about to use fire works.

Guten Rutsch von randform (happy new year from randform)

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