to Wii or not to Wii – In2Games announces new controller

The interested randform reader knows that we are always on the look for fancy
input devices

Following announcements via gamasutra Sony wants to use Linux on the Playstation 3. It is not yet clear how open this will be – but due to the announced functions of the PS3 game controller – it could be interesting for the crowdsourced developper to think about looking at PS3.

However following rumours on the Nintendo Wii similar things hold true for the Wii platform, i.e. the Wii platform probably won’t be open for development, but it seems as if at least an operating system update could be made (see also slashdot for Wii-linux)

After all these candid rumours from the far east it seems the british empire fights back (:)). The small company In2Games just announced a new controller called game trak fusion for summer/fall 2007 for approx. less then 50 Euros. Instead of infrared they seem to use ultrasonics. According to In2Games

The technology can be integrated into any input device.


One exciting function is the system’s ability to emulate any other motion-based controller. This allows games designed specifically for the Nintendo Wii motion controller to be brought to any other format.

We used the old-rope gametrak for seidesein and liked it a lot. So this is very interesting news we find.

3 Responses to “to Wii or not to Wii – In2Games announces new controller”

  1. Lano Ferryman Says:

    If you are so interested in new input devices – so why don’t you report
    on the new iPad?

  2. nad Says:

    @Lano Ferryman

    I responded to your comment in this blogpost here. I try to explain there that I am more and more reluctant to promote new input devices. So the in particular the grand picture about interactive input devices is secluded on purpose. Apart from climate considerations (see e.g. electronic waste ) it is also the downside effects of possibly (murderous?huh?) cognitive changes which keeps me worried.
    (see e.g. this post).

  3. Randy Says:

    Funnily the gametrak is now totally obsolete. Since you seem to have given up on
    promoting new input devices, do you have recommendations of where to look for new cool hardware?

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