Berlin Art Week

Acrylic paint on cardboard. 60×70 cm. artwork by Marion Ditzen. Title: “Keine Gähngefahr mehr auf der Artig Week: König Hui und das Ming-Pling-Bling.” Any resemblances to real persons are purely accidental and not the intent of the artist.

I would like to remind you of the Berlin Art Week, which is taking place this week in Berlin:

The fourth Berlin Art Week will be held this year from 15–20 September 2015. For six days, art lovers from all over the world will gather in Berlin.

By the way I hope the above artwork by Marion Ditzen will eventually be donated FOR SALE for supporting a local restoration project here in Marzahn. I might eventually talk about that project later. Please try to convice the artist in the comment section below that the donation for such a project would be a good idea.

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