The informed internet citizen has probably noticed that the UN agency ITU is currently holding the World Congress on International Telecommunications (WCIT) (not to confuse with this WCIT – there is sofar no english Wikipedia page on that, the wikipedia ITU entry has some informations). Unfortunately despite its international UN character and its rather fundamental agenda, which concerns the future use of the Internet, not all policy-relevant documents of the congress are published, so there is meanwhile a WCITleaks website where the missing information is partially collected. WCITleaks holds also research and analysis of WCIT proposals, which includes policies which may endanger net-neutrality , may eventually invite censorship and which alarmed even the internet giant google.

So alone by looking at the fact that it was necessary to set up a WCITleaks website the official words from the WCIT website:

The treaty sets out general principles for assuring the free flow of information around the world, promoting affordable and equitable access for all and laying the foundation for ongoing innovation and market growth.

leave behind quite a strange taste.

market growth for UNleaks.org’s like WCITleaks.org?

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