Fukushima and nuclear power

The problems at Fukushima are keeping me still busy, see e.g. this comment and the discussion there.

2 Responses to “Fukushima and nuclear power”

  1. nuclear proponent Says:

    See all your comments were completely overheated. Nobody died because of the Fukushima accident. Nuclear power is safe and Japan is luckily circling back to nuclear power.

  2. nad Says:

    No I didnt exagerate. If correctly translated there was at least one person dying due to the nuclear accident in Japan, here is a Tepco report whose google translate gives the following:

    For one person seriously injured had been trapped in the tower crane cockpit of the exhaust pipe,
    Transported to the ground from a tower crane in 13:05 minutes this afternoon, died minutes 17:05 pm
    Was confirmed.

    And I couldnt find much information about other workers. Moreover it is to be expected that there will be higher cancer rates due to the accident and so it seems definitely false to say: Nobody died due to this nuclear accident.
    Moreover it is clear that if a criticality event would have escalated and blown up the plant then this would have had very very severe consequences for Tokyo and surroundings. I can’t understand why one would consider this technology to be safe. In fact I find it rather scary that people think it’s safe, because “nobody died”. This is a complete negligence of the facts, which makes me now really want to buy a Geiger counter.

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