Resonance Rice


The sound makes the plate vibrate. At certain pitches the vibrations are forming standing waves, i.e. the plate exhibits nodes at which the rice is repelled or collected respectively. Typical physics class experiment, but still nice. The resonance pattern actually tells something about the shape of the plate. (Thats a mathematical problem). The rice should be uncooked.

3 Responses to “Resonance Rice”

  1. gertrud Says:

    what happenes if the rice is cooked?

  2. Anonymous Says:

    it sticks

  3. randform » Blog Archive » RIP OF A PHONEBOOK Says:

    [...] As the interested randform reader knows I like to report about popular experimentation trends in science (like e.g. this post about resonance rice or this post about cornstarch music (which is linking also to the famous diet coke experiments, whose popularity seems to be unstoppable)), here is a new trend, namely: ripping phone books in half. [...]

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