mac dead yourself

Short note: Unfortunately my Apple book stopped suddenly working. Looking at customer complaints it might be a known problem. May be not. Looking at the complaints it is not clear how obliging Apple will be about the problem and since I don’t have currently money for repairs blogging will be probably retarded. In particular I am currently learning about new methods on how to treat lousy joints (by looking at the images – the mainboard has apparently to be baked at 22o C°)

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  1. Dr. Farfallo Says:

    I am a linguist and interested in how you would translate that funny “mac dead yourself” into german or if you know into Berlin dialect.

  2. nad Says:

    @Dr. Farfallo

    A direct tranlation into german could be: “Mac sich tot”. Mac sounds also in german a bit like Make (in german Mach) but with this translation one would miss the only somewhat similar pronounciations of dead and that. The translation of Make that yourself would be: “Mach das selbst”.

    In Berlin dialect the translation could be: “Mac Dir dot” or “Mac da dot”.
    That is Berliners would probably rather translate the english “yourself” into the german “Dich” so you would get: “Mac Dich tot”. “Dich” is more direct.
    But since Berliners would use the (nowadays in german incorrect) Dativ “Dich” would turn into “Dir” and since they speak the first t usually softly like a d the “tot” turns into dot, so one gets: “Mac Dir dot” Furthermore a short form of “Dir” (especially if there is a consonant following) would be “da”.

    For the above reasons a “dotcom” bubble invokes thus very special associations in Berliners. (com sounds like komm, the german word for come)

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