bldg blog had an interesting post about Chemical Geography. Among others bldg blog reports:

Between 1946 and 1970, approximately 47,800 large barrels and other containers of radioactive waste were dumped in the ocean west of San Francisco.The containers were to be dumped at three designated sites, but they litter a sea floor area of at least 1,400 km2 known as the Farallon Island Radioactive Waste Dump.


Somewhat ominously, at least from my perspective, the Farallon Islands are a short sail west by northwest from the neighborhood in which I’m writing this; on clear days you can even see them while hiking on the coast of Marin County.

moreover bldg blog cited the SF weekly, which investigated also on the case.

The report reminded me of the unexplained high rate of breast cancer in marine county. May be its time for a profound scientific investigation of the issue.

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