the band tonrand, which was already fetured in this randform post with their song “not me” has now a website on last.fm, where they published their latest song: hallusions (lyrics, vocals, music: Cat Caspari, music, arrangement: Niko Lai).

addition 26.02.13: The tonrand profile on last.fm had been erased. The music is no more available.

11 Responses to “hallusions”

  1. Tino Says:

    when will there be some more music?

  2. nad Says:


    oh you are the one last-FM-listed listener for the above song!
    it is not clear when there will be more music, Cat Caspari has currently a nine-to-nine job in a shopping mall.

  3. nad Says:

    she definitely doesn’t like it if people take lousy images….:)


  4. timh Says:

    …so while there are tracks in the making, Lai will have to wait for her quitting her job (or agreeing on some late night recording sessions…)

  5. Zoey Zanetti Says:

    You have this public music video on youtube. Do you think it’s save to put videos also on the non-public mode on youtube?

  6. nad Says:

    Zoey Zanetti wrote:
    “You have this public music video on youtube. Do you think it’s save to put videos also on the non-public mode on youtube?”

    I am not sure by what you mean with “it’s save”. Do you think someone breaks into your non-public account on youtube? And/or do you think the Google company who owns youtube would look at your videos and archive them even if you delete them in your account?

    In principle it is probably possible that someone hacks your account, but unless you are not some prominent figure why should someone be interested in making such an effort? But I dont know may be there exist machines which scan for specific content. In general one should be aware that everything, which is on the web may eventually become public like if the corresponding host has security issues on its servers.

    Concerning Google, alone by their search engine and things like google mail or their health archive this company can scan your life with incredible detail, however I like to think that they dont do this. I mean finally Google is not the STASI, aren’t they?

  7. nad Says:


    Cat was happy when I told her about your response. Since Nico Lai has currently no time for music she decided to do a song of her own.
    You should know beforehand that the song is her first experience with a synthesizer and composing. She used the inbuilt microphone in her mac together with garageband, so the sound quality could be -hmm– improved.

    The song tries to reflect a real personal experience. I think she invited her neighbours to sing the choir part.

    —>preciouslover (music, lyrics,vocals: Cat Caspari)

  8. Max V. S. Tsetse Says:

    >>she definitely doesn’t like it if people take lousy images….:)

    Although the colors are a bit inspid I like the image – it has some atmosphere, the atmossphere is however not due to the symmetry.

    Apart from this I took a brief look into your html-source and saw that you called the image braided.jpg or braid.jpg (i forgot) – THIS IS A NO GO! I am a professional fotographer and I can tell you right away that you won’t get anywhere with this way of marshalling your images. You should categorize them in some way and maybe furnish them with a date.

  9. nad Says:


    yes you are right some of the symmetries like lets say that of the braid are not important, however i think the overall orientation and symmetry of the image is important in particular the fact that there is one object in the center of the image, gives it a nice kind of rotational symmetry, like in a vortex. The strange atmosphere may also be due to the fact that she is looked upon as if she is going to be shot in her back (from a first person shooter perspective).

    I am not so sure wether my marshalling of images is a no go. I am still trying out, but I will keep your advice in mind.

  10. Tino Says:

    addition 26.02.13: The tonrand profile on last.fm had been erased. The music is no more available.

    why that?

  11. nad Says:

    As you may have heard off there had been quite some big lay-offs often due to bankruptsies in the retail sector here in Germany, like at Schlecker, likewise in this context the status of Karstadt is unclear and so on. As you may know online retail is gaining popularity. So Cat looks at the moment wether she could find at least some income source in the music/entertainment business. Recently she and Niko Lai had already some gigs at golden weddings and birthday parties for the elderly (the last gig was at a seventies birthday). Cat currently thinks about wether to professionalize this a bit more, so their online presentation would need to be redesigned.

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